1. 12 LĪNIJAS is an architecture practice with a concept to maintain and bring both - design and functionality - to the environment we live in. Creating a harmonious space inspires to live a harmonious life. We believe in architecture that brings harmony into the environment and human lives.

    12 LĪNIJAS specializes in projects of historical buildings and new buildings in historical sites.

    A significant part of 12 LĪNIJAS experience is reconstruction projects of historical buildings from different periods dating from 18th, 19th to 20th century. Essential values for 12 LĪNIJAS team are - dignity for old buildings and structures, the context of the site, functionality and requirements of contemporary life - this in hands of 12 LĪNIJAS architects ensure old buildings gain new life and have their own special character.

    As a separate direction 12 LĪNIJAS works on projects beyond traditional boundaries of architecture. Projects which are more conceptual and artistic - challenges reflecting the synergy of architecture, art and technologies. We believe in collaboration of disciplines. We invite artists (painters, sculptors, graphic designers, writers) in early stages of a project to ensure a more meaningful result. Our practice is open to new technologies, virtual reality models to maximize the efficiency of the design process.

    12 LĪNIJAS is a team of various strong personalities who share the passion for refined and human architecture within a context. We listen, observe and investigate and then create.

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